Export of engineering products is one of the most important and promising articles for the Russian export. In the first half of 2013 export of engineering products from Russia amounted to 13,0 bln $, what was equal to 5,1% of the total exports of goods from Russia for the same period. Important foreign trade partners of the Russian engineering companies are the companies from the CIS, India, Iran, China and South Korea.

The main share of the export structure of the Russian engineering products falls on turbojet engines and turbines, as well as on nuclear reactors. Aggregate volume of export in volume terms for these items was equal to 3,3 bln. dollars in 2013.

Additionally among the essential items of engineering products which are subject for export are the following:

  • Fluid pumps

  • Cocks, valves and other similar fittings for pipelines, boilers, reservoirs, cisterns, tanks and other kinds of containers.

  • Internal combustion engines

  • Refrigerating and freezing equipment

  • Compute engine and their blocks; readers, machines for data transfer on data storage devices

  • Machinery, industrial and laboratory equipment.

We will provide a full complex of export delivery of engineering products to the target market in the European Union, find firms or required goods abroad, present your company or your request to the chosen firms, help you to establish contacts between producers and purchasing companies. You will find proper business partners on the foreign markets, get assistance in export and import deal processing and in delivery of goods to the final recipient.

Stages of export supplying from Russia and the CIS to the European Union:

  • Search for partners for sale and cooperation abroad;
  • Negotiations with foreign supplier, contract drawing up and support while its signing, control of goods delivery
  • Transaction implementation: transportation, customs and insurance coverage

With the support of the chambers of commerce and industry of Finland and Russia

We arrange export deliveries of engineering products from Russia and the CIS to the European Union.


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